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Cerise Deland Tells All – The Stanhope Challenge 99-cent Boxed Set

Stanhope Challenge

Join me in welcoming Cerise DeLand and her fabulous historical erotic romances to Friends on Friday!

Can a family be cursed to never enjoy happily-ever-after love affairs?

Cerise DeLand brings you the story of the Stanhope family whose members for centuries have not enjoyed any happily-ever-after love affairs in this boxed set, only 99 cents!

Here’s a snippet:
Copyright, 2014 Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.
London, January 1809

It is a truth, universally accepted, that a politician in want of the premiership must also be in want of a wife.
Felice knew that was her new husband’s justification for marrying her so quickly.
“A reason as good as my own,” she told herself as she combed her hair back from her face and fluffed the ruffled bodice of her wedding dress. She pursed her lips, wondering how Adam really kissed a woman. How he kissed his mistresses. After the ceremony minutes ago, he had merely brushed her mouth with his. She’d always thought her lips worth more than a peck—and she was determined that this second husband of hers would do more than ignore her.
“I’ll ensure that he does,” she resolved, with a check of her figure in the cheval mirror in the retiring room of her new brother–in–law’s mansion on Grosvenor Square. “After all, the fictitious Miss Proper has charms that Adam does not know about.” Nor should he!
That secret could ruin her marriage. “And I intend to keep both the secret and my marriage!”
So go to your wedding breakfast and be done with this mooning. She had accepted his proposal. Now she would reap the rewards. London Society was open to her—the excitement of their lives, their intrigues ready fodder for her pen. For her romances and poems.
She frowned at herself.
Be honest, Fee. You want more than inspiration for your stories. More than a means to repay that nefarious man your first husband’s debt. You want Adam Stanhope gracing your own bed, not just his look-alike walking on the pages of your newest romance. You want him inside your body. Making you wet and warm. And kissing your—
A quick knock at the door had her whirling.
“Dear Felice,” cooed her husband’s Great Aunt Amaryllis from behind the portal. “Do come out now. We are quite eager to applaud you and Adam. The guests, too, are clamouring for the receiving line!”
Fee scoffed. Most likely, the men wanted more wine while they made wagers on how soon Adam would bed her. And the women? They wanted to assess how a country mouse like her managed to snare the renowned, rich and eloquent Adam Stanhope. Third son of the earl. Widower. Father. Someday soon, the head of his party, if the papers and broadsheets were to be believed. And thereafter certainly, prime minister.
“Adam Stanhope,” she murmured to herself. “A great catch, Fee. If you can intrigue him.”
And there was the rub.
Adam, now thirty, was notorious for outlandish behavior. When he’d turned seventeen, he’d run away from home and sailed to Hong Kong to work with his cousin in his Far Eastern trading company. Four years later, he’d come home to finish his education at Cambridge, marry the beauty of the Season and run for Parliament. He’d won twice now. But since his wife had died in childbirth, Adam had made a name for himself as a rake. He was just like his brothers in that regard. Still, he was the only one who had married and challenged the Stanhope family curse. For it was a legend that no matter whom a Stanhope married, no matter that person’s quality of character or breeding or good intentions, once wedded, a Stanhope lived in hell.
“I will be happy.” Felice repeated the phrase that had become her motto ever since Adam had appeared in Kent last month and proposed. “I’ll dispense with this hideous man plaguing me for money to cover those old debts. Then I will devote myself to ensuring Adam is happy. I will be a social asset to him. And a good mother to his son.”
What more could a man ask for?
“A politician has to have a wife! Who the devil put that ridiculous rule about, Reggie?” Adam Stanhope asked his friend as he paced in his brother Jack’s drawing room at eleven in the morning. He threw back another shot of Jack’s fine brandy and coughed. “Oh, lord, that burns all the way down. Whose idea was it to stay out all night, eh?” He scrubbed his hand over his face, acknowledging his predicament had less to do with excess alcohol than with Fee Wentworth. Correction, Stanhope. “Dammit, you’d think a respectable widower with an heir earned the right to be free!”
“No help for it, old man,” Reggie responded and drained his glass of spirits. “Damn good stuff, if I say so myself! But see here, Adam, you admitted you need her. We’ve been through this entire argument before. You’ve got a bit of a reputation, courtesy of that Miss Proper’s ramblings and—”
The far door burst open. Adam’s oldest brother, Jack, appeared in all his dark imperious hauteur. He took one look at both men and slipped inside to shut the world out. “Now, Adam. Reggie. What the hell are you doing in here drinking?”
Adam cocked a long black brow at the man who expected to be obeyed in all things. “Drowning my sorrows.”
“Too late for that!” Jack’s mouth twitched in a grin. “Get the hell out there so we can toast the good health of the bride and groom.”
“Come, come, Jack,” he grumped, “you know what this marriage means for me.”
Jack’s black brows arched high. “Oh, I do. One look at your bride and I have a very good idea that—”
Adam scowled at his brother. “She’s lovely.” Damned gorgeous, in fact. And mine, god help me now. “But I have ruined her.”
Jack startled. “You’ve had her? Already?”
“No, no. That’s not what I mean.”
Jack, his grimace deepening, strode over to remove the snifter glass from Adam’s fingertips. “Sadly, I know what you mean. And this does not help.”
“I’ve known her since she was ten, Jack!” Adam thrust out a hand, roiled by what he had just done to this sweet, shy woman.
“And? She was a charming child then. Now you have—”
“Wrecked her life! That’s what I’ve done!”
Jack narrowed his eyes on his brother. “How late did you stay at White’s last night?”
When Adam said “Ba!” and shook his head, Jack peered at Reggie. “How late?”
The man winced and brushed imaginary crumbs from his cravat. “Five. Six. Not certain. We were winning at dice, you see, and couldn’t leave.”
Jack glared at the ceiling. “I hope to god it was profitable.”
Adam grinned through his pain. “Five thousand in my pockets I hadn’t had before!”
The far door opened again. An auburn–haired man stuck his head in. “What the hell is the delay here?”
Jack beckoned him. “Wes, Adam is having a rather belated moment of introspection. Do come in and help me talk sense into our youngest brother.”
Wes took a step inside and shut the door behind him. In his cavalryman’s dress blues, he leaned back against the door. “What’s the matter, Adam? Nerves?”
Adam rolled his shoulders. “Every man’s entitled. You told me so yourself.”
“That,” Wes chuckled as he limped over to the chair beside Adam and fell into it, “is before a man goes into battle!”
“Well, I am!”
Wes gave him the quelling glance his men termed The Demand. “You are married.”
“I know I thought it a good idea. Despite the horror of my marriage to Sarah.” The mere mention of his first wife sent a wave of revulsion through him. “Everyone thought it a good idea. My colleagues. The Prime Minister. But you both, most of all, know this won’t work.”
Wes pursed his lips. “I’ve seen your new lady wife, and I say give it a go. If you admit defeat before you start, you’re doomed.”
“This is not a cavalry charge,” Adam murmured.
Wes shrugged. “Perhaps it should be.”
“Wes, have a little pity,” Adam pleaded, his head splitting from too much whiskey and too little sleep.
“No pity for you,” Wes shot back. “Felice lives up to her name in temperament as far as I can tell. And her figure, Adam, has certainly become more alluring than when I last saw her in Great Aunt Amaryllis’ garden.”
“She was ten!”
“Was she, now? Hmm. No wonder she was flat-chested.”
“Now see here,” Adam admonished his older brother. “Her figure is—”
“Superb and yours to explore.” Wes wiggled his brows suggestively, then looked at Jack. “We met her when we first summered at Aunt’s house. What year was it Father foisted us off on the poor old gel?”
Adam groaned. “It doesn’t matter!” I liked her then. Enjoyed her wit and intelligence every time we met. Now I’ve gone and hurt her irrevocably.
Jack shook his head. “Don’t argue with him, Wes. He’s got a snoot full from an all-night gambling rout at White’s. It only encourages him to debate you. And neither of us can ever outtalk him.” He gave his brother, the Colonel and Man of Action, a wide-eyed look of despair. “The curse is upon him.”
“Oh, hell,” Wes mourned. “Not that again.”
Adam frowned at both of his brothers. “That again? I don’t seem to recall that either of you is yet married. Why not?”
“Not our time,” Jack told him.
“No woman I like enough,” Wes added. “You, Jack?”
“None I cannot live without,” Jack said with pointed disdain for the subject. “Come on, Adam, let’s do our drinking out there with all the others.”
“They all wonder, you know,” Adam offered, his gaze on the door.
“What?” Reggie asked when the two Stanhope brothers didn’t respond to him.
All three Stanhopes considered Reggie Mortenson with bleak expressions.
Adam answered for them all. “They wonder when Felice will leave me. As we speak, they are out there taking wagers on the number of months she remains.”
“The Stanhope women don’t all leave,” Jack reminded Adam.
The three brothers winced and looked at anything but each other. Adam knew each man thought of his own mother and how each had died in succession. And even though Jack’s mother passed away after a riding accident, Wes’s died of consumption and Adam’s of childbed fever, the ton declared each woman had suffered first and foremost from a broken heart.
“He says he loved each one,” Jack reminded them of the phrase their father repeated to them often.
Adam shut his eyes. “He declares he loved Clarice’s mother, too!” Their charming half-sister Clarice had been Stanhope’s by-blow, conveniently born between Jack and Wes.
“Aye,” Wes acknowledged with a smirk. “In his prime, the man was a walking satyr.”
Jack inclined his head toward Wes. “Astonishing, isn’t it, that he managed his estates as well as he did, hopping from bed to bed like a right royal degenerate.” He flourished a hand. “Yet, he cared for each woman he bedded.”
Adam growled. “How can you believe him?” He had never known their father to be honest with anyone, least of all his three legitimate sons. “You were four years old,” Adam reminded Jack, then faced Wes. “And you were two when I was born and my mother took a childbed fever. How can you know that he tells the truth?”
Jack rolled a shoulder. “Perhaps on this one issue…”
Adam shook his head, hands fisted on his hips. “I long to see the day each of you faces a woman whom you do not wish to kill with the family curse.” He straightened his cravat and ran two hands through his hair. “For god’s sake. Open the damn door, Wesley, I’m ready to claim my bride and ruin both our lives.”
* * * * *
4 Brothers, 4 Love Affairs, 4 Marriages
That Challenge the Family Curse
Jack, Adam, Wes and Mark Stanhope fear falling in love. No wonder. No Stanhope has enjoyed a happy marriage in centuries. What does it take to change the family curse? Courage? Devotion? Love?

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When Daddy Catches You Playing with Yourself… #MasturbationMonday

Daddy catches you

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Pleasuring oneself – so awkward to talk about, but so easy to write about my characters doing it, especially Daddies ordering their little subbies to do it. With this in mind, I’ve written a short story, Daddy’s Naughty Girl. This is a bonus story about Charmaine, one of the characters in my Daddy’s Girl Series. Charmaine and her hunky firefighter, Hunter, are the stars of my upcoming third Daddy’s Girl Book – Poor Little Daddy’s Girl (coming soon!).

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In this snippet, Charmaine has gotten a vibrator and she’s using it under the covers while her Daddy, sexy firefighter Hunter, sleeps next to her. She hopes he doesn’t wake up because she’s not supposed to play with herself without his permission…

Daddy's Naughty Girl

Aroused, she inhaled then held her breath as she pressed the “on” button. An excessive whirring noise erupted from the machine, and Charmaine flinched, exhaling only once she determined Hunter hadn’t woken up. She lay back and ran the external vibrating finger over her clit, grinding her hips against the pulsing tip. She moved the tool in and out of her quaking pussy, and just as she got the right groove going between her legs, Hunter stirred. Frantically, she pressed a button near the edge of the toy, but that only turned on an additional feature and made the damned thing screech louder.
“What’s that noise?” Hunter mumbled.
“Uh, nothing,” she said, hurriedly pressing more buttons, which only caused the vibrator to cycle in different patterns. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Puuuuuulse. She patted him on the arm. “Shhh. Go back to sleep.”
He rubbed his eyes with a fist. “What are you doing over there?”
“Nothing,” she squeaked then removed the vibrator from her cunt and scrambled to get out of bed, all the while attempting to turn off the blasted thing.
Hunter rose up on one elbow. “Kitten, what have you got there? Let me see.”
“What?” she held the buzzing vibrator behind her back, still fumbling with the tiny knobs on it. Her heart raced, her stomach clenched. Why did it have such complex controls and why couldn’t she turn it off?
He sat up and held his palm out flat. “Hand it to Daddy,” he said in a tone that told her he meant business.
She hesitated.
“Now,” he said sharply, and she knew it would not behoove her to disobey him.
Cursing to herself, she gingerly handed over the vibrating contraption.
He took it from her and shut it off by pressing a single button. She wanted to roll her eyes at how simple he’d made that look, but that wouldn’t help her case. He ran a hand over the toy’s jellied shaft and passed it under his nose, smelling her.
She winced, humiliated.
“So why was my girl fucking this thing when I was lying right next to her?”
She shrugged.
“That’s not an answer.”
“I just…I guess I was horny.”
“I see,” he mused.
His apparent lack of anger emboldened her. “You can’t blame me. You haven’t had any time for me lately,” she said petulantly.
“And that’s a valid reason to go against my instructions?”
She stuck out her bottom lip. “You know I need more attention, Daddy.”
He nodded. “I know, but didn’t I tell you to wake me up if that’s what you needed?”
“Yes, but…” She didn’t have a satisfactory answer. He always encouraged her to rouse him up if she needed a good fucking, but she hadn’t wanted to. She wanted to rail against him for working such long hours, and he knew it.
“Take off your nightgown,” he barked.
For a brief moment she considered being difficult, starting a fight, but thought better of it. This was what she needed, what she craved.

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I Don’t Deserve a Spanking Daddy

Deserve a Spanking

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! This week I am sharing a snippet from my new FREE STORY, Daddy’s Naughty Girl. This short story is available exclusively for my newsletter subscribers and it features characters from the Daddy’s Girl Series, namely Charmaine and her hunky firefighter Daddy, Hunter, from the upcoming third Daddy’s Girl book, Poor Little Daddy’s Girl. If it sounds intriguing, sign up here for the Racy Raconteur newsletter and the whole story will be delivered to your inbox.

In this scene, Charmaine accidentally wakes Hunter up in the middle of the night with the sound of a vibrator she’s using in the bed next to him. She’s afraid of getting in trouble because she knows she’s supposed to ask Daddy’s permission before touching herself plus she is supposed to wake him if she needs to quench her carnal cravings…

In one fluid movement she slipped the silky nightgown over her head and tossed it on the floor.
He stood up, set the vibrator on the bedside table, then sat on the edge of the bed. “Come here.”
She crossed to him, hoping this was an invitation to sit on his lap, but he took her outstretched arms and placed them by her sides. “Over my knee.”
Frowning, she draped herself across his lap. “I don’t know that I deserve a spanking, Daddy.”
“Really? And since when is that your determination to make?”
“Never,” she mumbled glumly.

Deserve a spanking

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