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More #SatSpanks with the Buccaneer – A Punishment

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Today I’m sharing another snippet from my new release. Rescued by the Buccaneer is the first book in the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge Trilogy. More about this BDSM historical erotic romance…

Rescued by the Buccaneer

When Frederica Beauchamp boards a ship for the Americas, she dreams of a life filled with adventure, but she gets more than she bargained for when her passenger ship is attacked by pirates.  The heartless men kidnap her and force her to serve their captain—a fate that might be worse than death, since though he does not have his way with her, the captain delights in baring her, shaming her, and thrashing her bare bottom as punishment for every imagined disobedience.

After the pirates bring aboard an injured man found floating in the sea, Frederica tends to his wounds and learns that he is Gaston Galette, a survivor of a shipwrecked vessel. Gaston seeks her help to overthrow the vile captain, but when their plan goes awry he is forced to use all of his wiles to save them. As the naïve girl and the seasoned sailor navigate one perilous situation after another, he informs Frederica that the only way they can survive is if he is in command, and that if she thinks things can be otherwise, she will be taken over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.

As he watches the proud, willful Frederica bow to his authority, however, Gaston worries that her growing hold on his heart will be his downfall. He knows he cannot take a woman with him when he returns to his ship and crew, but when Frederica accepts his lustful dominance completely, submitting to him with grace and beauty no other woman could match, Gaston realizes that he may never be able to let her go.

Rescued by the BuccaneerThis snippet is a continuation from last week’s scene in Frederica and Gaston have been locked up by Captain Humphrey aboard the Neptune’s Damnation and Gaston blames her for what has happened.


“I hate you!”

“Clearly. Why else would you rat me out to your captor?” He threw her skirts and petticoats up over her torso and ran his hands from her thighs up to her naked bottom.

“I did no such thing.” She felt her face redden as she realized he must be gazing upon her bare bum.

“Frederica, I must say, you have a lovely derriere.” He sounded amused.

“Stop this impertinence at once! Turn me loose, you scoundrel!” She attempted to get up, but he held her down. The dank, musty odor of the cell accosted her nostrils.

Surrender Your Booty Pirate Skull

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  1. LOL, I don’t think he’s turning her loose any time soon.

  2. A colorful view of these two, with a drollery that enhances the scene… love the description of the cell accosting her nostrils and yet, that is the least of her concerns I think…

  3. Every snippet has me grinning. Loved his, ‘clearly!’ Tee hee.

  4. I love how you switch our senses from seeing her “lovely derriere” to smelling the “dank, musty odor”. Nice one, Normandie :)

  5. Oh such a wonderful set up. You paint a delightful picture with your words. Well done.

  6. These snippets really stand out each week, the Pirate theme is fantastic, and you really pull it off.

  7. Leigh Smith says:

    Great picture you’ve painted with your words. I think Frederica is going to be taught a lesson in manners.

  8. Loved this and having you on my blog the other day. ;) naked under her dress…hmmm

  9. Ashe Barker says:

    I love the dialogue “Stop this impertinence” Real sassy. This sounds like such a hit read and it’s on my list

  10. I just finished it and it was awesome. Don’t start it in the evening or you will be up all night reading it. I went to bed at 4am last night.
    Big hugs, laurel

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