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A Sassy Pirate Spanking with a Rum Chaser #SatSpanks

Saturday Spanking

Welcome to Saturday Spankings (#SatSpanks). Things have been bananas at my house lately prepping my rather large crew for school, but soon I’ll be back to work full-time. In the meantime I’m sharing with you a snippet is from my latest release, the second book in the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge Trilogy, Bound by the Buccaneer.

Bound by the Buccaneer Spanking

Spanking Snippet

She breathed in the scent of him, salt air mixed with leather and rum and tried to relax. He finished removing her underclothes but remained fully clothed.

“Take another sip then bend over, girl,” he said firmly slapping her on the rear end.

She took two long sips of rum. Whatever he was going to do to her, she gathered it wouldn’t hurt to be tipsy for it. A warm, buzzy feeling reached down into her extremities and she bent over the bed, feet on the floor, holding herself up on her elbows.

“You have the most delectable ass,” he said, caressing her round globes with his hands.

“Mmm,” she uttered, the rum and his touch combined to put her in a blissful state.

Bound by the Buccaneer

Two years have passed since Frederica joined Gaston aboard the Ocean’s Knave, and with every passing hour they have fallen more deeply in love. By day she is the ship’s physician, but at night she serves her captain in his bed, offering her body for him to punish and pleasure until she begs for more. But after a successful run of raiding other pirate ships, the couple have a target on their backs.

Their only hope is to form an alliance with a trio of like-minded captains, but in order to guarantee the cooperation of these unyielding, battle-hardened men, Gaston is forced to offer them a night with Frederica. Reluctantly, she agrees to be shared with the men, but afterwards Gaston finds it difficult to forgive himself for bartering Frederica’s charms. As jealousy and desperation threaten to consume him, will Gaston lose his beloved Frederica or can he weather the storm and find a way to bind her to him forever?

Publisher’s Note: Bound by the Buccaneer is the second book of the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge trilogy, which began with Rescued by the Buccaneer. It is an adventure and erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including a foursome, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more.

You can read the 1st Chapter FREE here or pick up your copy of Bound by the Buccaneer here today:

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Since these books are best read in order – check out the first book in the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge Trilogy – Rescued by the Buccaneer.

Rescued by the Buccaneer #SatSpanks

Rescued by the Buccaneer

When Frederica Beauchamp boards a ship for the Americas, she dreams of a life filled with adventure, but she gets more than she bargained for when her passenger ship is attacked by pirates.  The heartless men kidnap her and force her to serve their captain—a fate that might be worse than death, since though he does not have his way with her, the captain delights in baring her, shaming her, and thrashing her bare bottom as punishment for every imagined disobedience.

After the pirates bring aboard an injured man found floating in the sea, Frederica tends to his wounds and learns that he is Gaston Galette, a survivor of a shipwrecked vessel. Gaston seeks her help to overthrow the vile captain, but when their plan goes awry he is forced to use all of his wiles to save them. As the naïve girl and the seasoned sailor navigate one perilous situation after another, he informs Frederica that the only way they can survive is if he is in command, and that if she thinks things can be otherwise, she will be taken over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.

As he watches the proud, willful Frederica bow to his authority, however, Gaston worries that her growing hold on his heart will be his downfall. He knows he cannot take a woman with him when he returns to his ship and crew, but when Frederica accepts his lustful dominance completely, submitting to him with grace and beauty no other woman could match, Gaston realizes that he may never be able to let her go.

Publisher’s Note: Rescued by the Buccaneer is the first book of the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge trilogy. It is an adventure and erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including elements of BDSM and humiliation, and more.

Read Chapter One FREE here or

You can pick up your copy of Rescued by the Buccaneer (Book 1) here today:

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  1. You only needed one sentence: “Take another sip then bend over, girl.” That is all…

  2. Wow! That was hot! It was nice of Gaston to let her take a few drinks of rum before he started spanking her bottom!

  3. Feeding her the rum, got him plenty of points in my book!! Loved that!

  4. Irresistible!

  5. Leigh Smith says:

    Gaston really stepped up to the plate, allowing her to have some rum.

  6. LOL! Sweet, and hot. Yum.

  7. Gaston is a very sexy pirate. Am looking forward to Book 3!

  8. Ah yes, offering Frederica’s charms as a negotiating tactic. Very hot idea!

    Loved that snippet too, Normandie.

  9. Nice snippet. I suspect being a tipsy will help!

  10. Hmm nice combination of the warm rum and his touch. Great snippet Normandie :)

  11. Salt air, mixed with leather and rum… I’m there on the high seas breathing it all in… and I could do with some of that rum she’s having ;)

  12. I agree, I think the rum will certainly spice things up. ☺

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